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Here’s one to get it started

Coming Together around the Table

Beechhill has taken Kinsale Road under it’s wing. Both myself and Philip train there one day each. Whilst I can teach the players the basics of the game and can organise tournaments, Philip inspires them with his advanced playing skills. There is only one table at the centre. The players are from all different parts of the world and don’t know each other when they first play, but table tennis allows people to come together and breaks down the barriers between them.

The players have had two in house tournaments so far, one in August and the latest in October. Players got the opportunity in September to play outside of the centre and integrate with the wider Munster table tennis community. Thanks to the community Garda Bus and Beechhill sponsorship, the players were able to take part in the Munster Fun Mixed Club League. They must have been daunted by the skill of the other clubs but they joined in and had fun anyway. They knew  the etiquette of saying sorry after winning a fluke point, to shake hands after each match and how to umpire with due care.

The next step is to organise an outing to another club maybe for a Christms tournament? We will see!

See some photos of their adventures below!



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